This Is The Physics Lesson Of The Future, And It Looks Insanely Fun

    “Kids are prone to be on their phone and their iPads, prone to sharing things and making things. Instead of trying to divorce education from that, let’s lean into that.”

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    The Real

    Just because you’re paranoid, Huey, doesn’t mean we’re not out to get you.”

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    “My grandmother always told me: ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re crippled, blind, or crazy. All this world cares about is how you survive. As long as you don’t do drugs or go to jail, you’re gonna be fine.’”
    “What do you mean by: ‘The world only cares about how you survive?’”
    “The only thing people care about is if you’re working, and if you’re paying your taxes. I worked for the city for six years. During the time that I was working, I was Mr. Matthew Phillips. The moment that I wasn’t able to work anymore, I became a social security number.’”

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    Grass Planter Necklace

    Keep a little bit of nature with you at all times. Preserved to ensure you don’t wear dead plants around your neck. Sold on Etsy.

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    Check out these hallow pastries made from herb and vegetable juices a.k.a. blow dough. I wonder what they taste like! From designboom:

    “‘Blow dough’ by Omer Polak and Michal Evyatar, in collaboration with chef Erez Komorovsky, manufactures colorful dough balloons filled with scents developed by a combination of natural herbs and vegetable juices. by using industrial blowers…the team is able to bake the seasoned bread during inflation…the act of eating is enriched by an understanding of how the small motions required for consumption can work to affect each of the individual senses. as hungry customers grab the light and airy pastries with their fingertips, they take warm bites that open up the interior so odors can float into the atmosphere around them, filling their nostrils with hints of the flavor profiles.”

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    Since looking for parking took hours, we just happened to stumble upon a warehouse sale for Toms

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